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Choosing the right contractor for your project is paramount. Choose poorly and your dream house can become a nightmare. Choose well and you’re on the fast-track to your fantasy becoming a reality.

The team at TFC established its impeccable reputation by listening to its clients and their needs and figuring out how to over-deliver on each and every project. One of the strengths of the TFC Team is local knowledge. Building in Mammoth Lakes and the Eastern Sierra is significantly different than working in Southern California. There’s almost no humidity in the mountains, but structures must be able to handle significant snowloads as well as the occasional seismic shake. These factors present specific structural engineering challenges where the extensive experience of TFC pays off.

Whether your project is massive or modest, you owe it to yourself to give TFC a call. Their experience building new homes and remodels as well as building commercial structures ensures the end product will leave you pleasantly surprised.

Once you learn a bit more about Tim’s backstory, it all makes sense. Tim answered his calling as carpenter as a teen. Growing up in Malibu, he lived the perfect balance of surfing secret breaks as well as putting saw to lumber and renovating homes in Santa Monica. For Tim, the only smell of sawdust was as alluring as surf wax. Then he discovered the mountains of the Eastern Sierra and he knew he didn’t want be anywhere else. He’s proud of the many projects throughout the 93546 that share his name.

When the self-described “workaholic” takes a few minutes for himself, Tim enjoys backcountry snowboarding as well as cycling and competing in the annual June Lake Triathlon, where he regular places in the top five for his age group. He’s also a family man and he spends as much time with his wife and son as possible. The rest of the team at TFC is pretty sure he doesn’t sleep!